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Memory House is located in the Museums Region in Sultanahmet, the heart of Istanbul. The “Turing Century-Old Brands Memory House”, established in cooperation with the “Century-Old Brands Association”, which brings together brands that have sprouted on these lands, each of which has accumulated knowledge, experience and most importantly memories for at least a hundred years, and Turing, which itself is a century-old institution, takes its visitors on a journey through time.

The history of countries consists of many different layers. One of these layers is the brands, which are mostly founded with personal initiatives and have turned into well-established businesses in their fields of work over time. These brands hold an important place among the sources of memory that constitute the social and cultural history of the society they belong to.

As a result of personal initiatives that started during the Ottoman Empire, one of the great civilizations of its time, and became widespread with the Republic, the brands that bridge the past to the present are the “values” of these lands…

With the development of communication possibilities and channels, the concept of “value” acts as a cultural ambassador that transcends borders. Each brand both bears the traces of the culture it belongs to and is itself a “value” as a cultural code.

In today’s world, anyone who wants to connect the past with the present looks to the “knowledge” accumulated by “brands”.

Established for those who want to access the knowledge of these lands through “brands”, the “Turing Century-Old Brands Memory House” enables new discoveries while protecting the strong values of the past.


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Visiting the Memory House is free of charge.

The break time is between 1:45-2:45 pm.

Visiting hours may vary on public holidays and special days.

Hafızaevi Hakkımızda
Hafızaevi Hakkımızda
Hafızaevi Hakkımızda
Hafızaevi Hakkımızda

“Turing Century-Old Brands Memory House”, which is hosted by the Touring and Automobile Association of Turkey and which presents the stories of the deep-rooted brands of our country, has been founded in Sultanahmet, a location that has become a symbol of our country, with a special selection that will inspire its visitors about memory and having deep roots.

The second floor of the Memory House consists of a viewing space and a room to pay respect, where the stories of the century-old brands are brought together with the audience in a digital environment. The top floor is designed as an exhibition space for the brands. In addition to the exhibitions of historical brands, the Memory House will also be a stakeholder in the important cultural and artistic events of our city as well as our country.

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